Hurricane Preparations - 2016 Storm Season

June 10, 2016

At Robinson and Stith Insurance, we hope our customers never have to endure a major claim.  The headaches and issues associated with a major claim are difficult and taxing on you and your family.  Our agency is here when bad things happen.  However, there are things you can do to help prepare yourself for these events.  Below is a link to the website section on hurricanes.  This is a valuable resource to review.


As well, this is the time to consider maintenance around your house.  If you have some shingles that need repair, it is wise to do it now before a potential hurricane make the situation worse.  Another good tip is to cut any tree limbs that reach over your roofline: in a hurricane these tree limbs may snap and puncture your roof, allowing water to infiltrate your attic and cause much more damage during the storm.


After the storm, if you have damage to your roof or other parts of the property, it is imperative to make an effort to mitigate the damages.  If your roof is damaged, make sure to tarp it off.  Make sure it is safe. Most importantly, stay safe after the storm.  We can replace roofs, windows and doors, but we can't replace people. 


Please call our agency if you ever have any questions.  Our no-voicemail phone lines are open during the week, so if you need a little advice on what to do, don't be afraid to ask.  In the event of an emergency in non-work hours, our cell phone numbers are available as well.   


Thank you very much for you business!  Like noted above, we hope you never have to go through a storm claim, but if you do, we want to be your agent to guide you through the storm. 


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