Who are the Most High Risk Drivers?

Most people assume that the most high-risk drivers on the roads today are young, inexperienced teens. While younger drivers may be more likely to take risks or make mistakes behind the wheel, there are actually a number of different demographic categories that are considered higher risk when it comes to vehicle operation. While there is no one-size-fits-all answer, data indicates certain trends in driver safety.  Regardless of who is considered more at risk when driving, it’s important stay vigilant and prepared while you drive.  Now, let’s discuss who are considered the most high risk drivers!

Young Drivers

Young drivers are often considered high risk because of their lack of experience and their tendency to engage in riskier driving behaviors. The statistics show young drivers aged between 17 and 25 are involved in around one third of all deaths on the roads, meaning they are three times more likely to be killed or seriously injured than any other age group. Factors like speeding, higher probability of driving under the influence, an inclination towards distracted driving (including cell phones), and a higher likelihood of other high-risk behaviors all add up to young drivers being seen as a greater risk than experienced drivers.

Insurance companies perceive young drivers more inclined to be involved in an accident due to their young age and inexperience, resulting in higher premiums. Insurers consider young drivers who have had accidents or received traffic tickets more frequently as especially high risk, leading them to increase costs even further.

In addition to age and years of experience, insurers look at other factors such as geographic location, type of vehicle and driving record when determining rates, but young drivers nonetheless receive a much higher rate than adults. Insurance companies also often offer young drivers incentives and discounts that are designed to minimize their higher risk factor in order to bring younger people into the fold.  These may include safe driving programs that reward drivers with a lower premium for continual safe driving.

Drivers with Speeding Tickets

Drivers who receive speeding tickets are labeled as high risk by insurance agencies because speeding tickets demonstrate a driver’s disregard of the rules of the road. A speeding ticket can be seen as an indication that a driver is more likely to behave in a dangerous or reckless manner while driving and, therefore, seen as increasing their likelihood of being involved in an accident or having other traffic violations. Since speeding is a signal that the driver is reckless and more likely to file an insurance claim, companies often raise premiums for individuals who have speeding tickets on their record. 

Speeding tickets are taken seriously by insurance providers, especially when they occur frequently or result in charges of excessive speeding. Having a speeding ticket on record can cause insurance premiums to spike, as insurers view this as an indication that drivers may be more prone to engaging in other higher-risk behavior while behind the wheel. Speeding is viewed as an undesirable behavior and as a result, drivers who receive speeding tickets are considered higher risk insurers.

Drivers with Auto Accidents

Drivers with auto accident records are generally considered to be high risk by insurance companies as they pose a greater financial liability as compared to a driver who is accident-free. Accidents often lead to injuries, property damage and even fatalities which can result in costly court cases or payouts. Additionally, statistics show that drivers who have been involved in an accident are more likely to be involved in another accident in the future, thus making them a higher risk for insurers. 

While many drivers view their accident as a one-time event, insurance companies recognize that bad driving habits may have been responsible for the accident and will require extra steps be taken by the at-fault driver before restoring them to their original premium rate. This could include additional driver’s training courses or other forms of accountability depending on the severity of the accident.

Therefore, car insurance providers tend to charge higher premiums to drivers with accident histories to cover their costs in the event of another accident.

Drivers with a DUI

Drivers with DUI convictions are viewed as high-risk individuals by insurance companies for a few reasons. DUI charges carry serious legal implications, and DUI laws are changing to become even more strict. This can result in a series of consequences, including fines and criminal penalties that could potentially have an effect on one’s everyday life. This could potentially increase the risk of an insurance company having to pay out on an accident created by a driver who has had multiple DUIs. 

Additionally, someone convicted of DUI is seen as less reliable for safely driving on the roads, making them more prone to accidents, and thus giving the insurance company higher financial risk when choosing to cover them under their policy. Therefore, drivers with DUI convictions can expect to face much higher premiums when looking to obtain car insurance.

As DUI will remain on motorist records for many years, if not permanently, it can mean that drivers can still be seen as high risk even after they have served their sentence.

Drivers with Low Credit Scores

Individuals who possess a low credit score are often classified as high risk when it comes to obtaining certain services, and car insurance is no exception.  In fact, your car insurance premiums can increase up to 76% on average if you have a low credit score.  According to many car insurance companies, if your credit score is low you are more likely to file a claim – causing you to be a high risk driver.  If you’re a high risk driver, you will see higher insurance rates being offered to you.

Having a low credit score will continually keep your insurance premiums high, unlike other situations (including tickets, being a young driver, etc.).  If you have a low credit score and are looking for assistance finding the best insurance rates possible, work with an agent who can help you discover the best deals available.

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