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The following are some general terms that may be helpful to you in reading and understanding your automobile insurance policy. Because insurance laws vary throughout the United States and Canada or coverages may not be available in some jurisdictions, the information below may not apply to all situations. These terms and definitions in your actual policy will govern any claims or questions of interpretation. Please take this opportunity to read these terms. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Auto Insurance

Additional Insurance

Insurance that supplements an already existing policy. It is uncommon that the company or its duly authorized agent allows additional insurance.

Additional Insured

An individual or organization covered by an insurance policy other than the named insured in the policy declarations. In an automobile policy, anyone who drives the car with the owner’s consent is an additional insured; although, in most cases, the additional insured must be named in the policy.


A person who fills out and signs a written application for insurance. Application A written statement by a prospective policyholder that gives the information the company relies upon when evaluating the applicant and issuing the policy.


A survey by a Claims Representative or Claims Appraiser estimating the amount of damage to a vehicle and the cost to repair or the determination of a complete loss.

Auto Loan/Lease Coverage (Gap Coverage)

Provides coverage, in case of a total loss, for the ‘gap’ between the amount due under the terms of the vehicle’s loan/lease and the actual cash value of the vehicle at the time of the loss. Please note that there are vehicle eligibility requirements and the coverage may not be available in your state. Please contact your Agent for more information.

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