Wind and Hail Insurance in NC

Wind and Hail Insurance in NC

In the state of North Carolina, the weather can be rather unpredictable at times.  Especially in the summer, there are many instances where a sudden storm rolls through that brings damaging winds and hail.  Because of this, you want to be protected no matter what weather or other events come up.  Wind and hail coverage is oftentimes not a part of the other coverages you may own.  Contact us here at Robinson and Stith Insurance, one of the North Carolina area’s leading insurance agencies, in order to ensure that you are protected from wind and hail damage.

Why Wind and Hail Insurance?

Many people believe that their homeowner’s insurance will cover wind and hail damage, but this is often not the case. A standard homeowner’s policy typically excludes wind and hail damage, or will only cover a limited amount. As a result, it is important to have a wind and hail insurance policy in place.  Not only is this the case with homeowners insurance, but not all automobile insurances will cover wind and hail damage on your car.

North Carolina is no exception when it comes to winds and hail, so having wind and hail insurance is important.  Additionally, wind and hail coverage may vary depending on the location of your home. For example, homes in coastal areas may be more likely to experience wind damage than homes in inland areas.  Keep in mind that North Carolina does experience hurricanes, which can also bring high winds and hail.

What Does Wind and Hail Insurance Cover?

Most wind and hail insurance policies will cover damage caused by wind, hail, lightning, and tornadoes. In some cases, the policy may also cover wind-driven rain. Harsh weather conditions such as high winds can even cause further damages, such as sinking your boat.  This type of insurance can help to protect your home from the financial devastation that can occur after a severe storm. In addition, wind and hail insurance can also help to cover the cost of temporary repairs, such as putting up a tarp to prevent further damage. Without wind and hail insurance, you could be left with a significant financial burden after a storm.

Getting Wind and Hail Insurance in NC

Are you looking for wind and hail insurance in the state of North Carolina?  The first thing you will want to see is whether your homeowners or automobile insurance policies cover wind and hail damage done to your property.  Many insurance policies are difficult to read and may feel confusing.

Not sure where to start on your wind and hail coverage?  The agents at Robinson and Stith Insurance are here to help!  We are able to help you look through your current insurance coverage and see if wind and hail damage is covered.   If it is not, we can assist you in getting a policy for wind and hail damage. Or, if your policy does not provide sufficient coverage for these damages, we can help you adjust your policies. 

Contact Robinson & Stith Insurance Today

As we have discussed, wind and hail insurance is a vital part of your personal insurance coverages.  If you are looking for wind and hail coverage but don’t know how to do so, contact us here at Robinson and Stith Insurance!  We have direct relationships with many insurance companies that allow us to negotiate the most affordable coverages around.  When you work with us here at Robinson and Stith, you know you are getting the best coverage available, for the lowest price point.  Contact us today to get started.